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Where can I get a petition?

You may obtain a petition for membership by one of three ways. Return it to the Lodge Secretary.
- Print it out by clicking HERE.
- Contact a Local Lodge.
- Ask a Mason for a Petition.

30 Mont Vernon Street P.O. Box 486

Milford, NH 03055-0486

The Office of the Grand Secretary

R.W. Thomas S. Lowe

(603) 554-1723


For centuries, Freemasons have contributed to the communities in which they live through the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Freemasonry has existed in New Hampshire since 1735, and many of the leading citizens of our state have been Freemasons. Being a member of the oldest and largest fraternal order in the world is a rewarding and educational experience. Our charitable activities are many and varied: the Shriners’ Hospitals for Children, support of medical research, scholarships, programs for child identification and combating drug abuse, the Scottish Rite Learning Centers, and quiet, local charity. Freemasons are committed to helping those who are less fortunate, and in the process we are building a better and safer world.

If you are a New Hampshire Mason, we hope that this web site will prove a useful tool and will improve the flow of information between you and your Grand Lodge. If you are a Mason visiting or moving to New Hampshire, we hope that this web site will assist you if you wish to contact a New Hampshire Lodge. If you are a non-Mason, we hope that this web site will assist you in learning about Freemasonry.

Message from the Grand Master!

  • Message from the Grand Master!

    Greetings! It is my privilege to bring you the warm fraternal greetings of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New Hampshire. What a great honor the Masons of New Hampshire have bestowed upon me by allowing me to represent them. When thinking back of the great men and Masons who have served in this position through the ages, one cannot help but be humbled by picking up this storied mantle. My Brethren and friends, it has been said for a number of years now, by Masons everywhere, that our Fraternity is experiencing a renaissance, and that we, as the current holders of the long Masonic legacy, have been handed a great opportunity. We stand here today, in 2013, with the world open to us, and the ability to steer Freemasonry for generations to come. How to start?….The question we all ask, to so many responses. Certainly, we must ask ourselves how Freemasonry has not only existed, but succeeded for so long, when so many other worthy organizations have been left in the mists of history. How has the world perceived us, as [...]

  • Grand Lodge of New Hampshire Hold its Third Master Mason Education Seminar

    Littleton, NH: On Saturday, April 12, 2014 the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire held its third in a series of Master Mason Education Seminars. The purpose of these seminars is to share various aspects of Freemasonry including; the history of Freemasonry, how the system of Freemasonry functions and Lodge protocol. In addition to the Grand Master and other Grand Lodge officers, the event was attended by 23 Master Masons including 8 newly raised Master Masons. In addition to furthering their light in Masonry, the brethren were treated to a preview of Burns Lodge no. 66 in its soon-to-be opened new location. Burns Lodge graciously hosted today’s event and is making great progress in completing the construction of their beautiful new Lodge in Littleton, NH.