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Events for December 2020

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Morrison Lodge #90 Official DDGL Inspection – MM Degree

Morrison Lodge #90 Official DDGL Inspection – MM Degree

Official Inspection MM Morrison Lodge 90 Stated Meeting

009 – Hiram Stated Meeting (Claremont)

Gideon #84 Stated Meeting

*SR Day of Giving

St. John’s #1 Stated Meeting

Lafayette-Bible #41 Stated

St. Paul’s Lodge Stated Communication

Coffee Time-Benevolent Lodge Milford

085 Spicket Lodge Visitation


*175 Anniversary Lodge of Research

GLNH Ritual Workshops

Ritual Performance Workshop


Jerusalem Lodge Stated Communication

012 – Faithful Stated Meeting

Milford Rainbow Stated Meeting

Rockingham Lodge #76 Stated Communication

Masters and Wardens Class

Masters and Wardens Round Table

Corinthian Lodge #82 Meeting

Charity Lodge Stated Communication

Clinton Lodge Stated Communication

Grand Masters Birthday


Humane 21 Master Mason Degree

021 Humane MM Degree

*072 Veterans and Special Ladies Program


Pulpit Rock Lodge stated meeting

Milford DeMolay Business Meeting

Fraternal Lodge #71 Stated Meeting

044 St. Mark’s Lodge Visitation

Tucker #99 Annual Meeting

Bethal-Souhegan Lodge Stated Communication

Harmony Lodge Stated Communication

Rising Sun Lodge No. 39 Stated Communication

Altemont Lodge Stated Communication

Coffee Time-Benevolent Lodge Milford

Federal Lodge #5 Stated Meeting


Entered Apprentice Workship

World Famous Breakfast Buffet @ Winnipisaukee Lodge #75

Nashua Rainbow Breakfast

Unity Lodge #62 Stated Meeting

Jewell Lodge No. 94 Stated Communication

4th District Masonic Roundtable


* Grand Line Officers Meeting

Coffee Time-Benevolent Lodge Milford

Christmas Day

Gideon Lodge #84 Ham & Bean Supper

St. John the Apostle Day

Milford DeMolay Fun Meeting


Masters Class for Dist. 1

Coffee Time-Benevolent Lodge Milford

WPT Museum Reservation Form

New Year’s Day

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